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Get To Know: Tresses & Body Organics, NatMane and more

Get To Know: Tresses & Body Organics, NatMane and more

Hey y’all!

Eku Monday!

As you know (I hope you do), we have a ‘Where to Find’ Directory on this blog. :)

If you’re looking for where to buy or order hair products from, or where to get your hair done, we may be able to help.

Page 1: Where to Find Natural Hair Stores in Nigeria

Page 2: Where to Find Natural Hair Friendly Salons in Nigeria.

Thanks to you guys, the lists keep growing.

Over the…

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Hairspiration! : Lola

shrinkage Hey Lola!

Hey Guys. I’m Lola (African Remy) and I’m a 24 year old Tax Consultant (trust me, it’s not as boring as it sounds). I’m based and was born in the UK – London to be precise but I’m originally from Ondo State, Nigeria and visit when I can (although I much prefer Lagos. Shhh… Don’t tell my dad).

What inspired you to return to natural?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a big, tear jerking story…

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Hair Review: Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly Extensions

Hair Review: Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly Extensions


Hello lovelies!

I hope all is well with you and your tresses!

My hair is enjoying the last days of its protective styling vacay. I’ve been having a pretty fun time with my weave, Big Betty. To be honest, I haven’t really missed my hair that much (don’t judge me!). I saw a very lush twist out on Instagram last week though, and have been pining for my hair ever since. Big Betty will be taken down…

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Hairspiration! : Sandra

Tell us about you!

My name is Sandra Uzuegbu, I’m a doctor, with very strong glasses to show for it. I also love food, fashion, the arts, I love to try new things and I love to have fun. And oh yes, hair too.

When did you decide to transition? What was your inspiration?

My mum has always egged me to go natural but I thought I would have to cut off all my hair to do so. The fear.
I was researching…

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The Kinky Apothecary x The Kink and I Shea Moisture Giveaway!!


That’s a mouthful, we know! :P

Many many thanks to our good friend The Kinky Apothecary for sponsoring this Shea Moisture Giveaway! :)

Entry is open to Nigerian residents, and the Giveaway closes in two weeks on Friday September 26. Just follow the instructions on the flyer!

And if your Instagram or Twitter account is private, don’t forget to unlock it on the closing day, September 26.


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The Kinky Apothecary x The Kink and I Shea Moisture Giveaway!



That’s a mouthful, we know! :P

Many many thanks to our good friend The Kinky Apothecary for sponsoring this Shea Moisture Giveaway! :)

Entry is open to Nigerian residents, and the Giveaway closes on so and so. Just follow the instructions on the flyer!

This isn’t the 200k giveaway we promised, watch out for that in October ;)


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Get Ready! Natural in Paradise!!

Get Ready! Natural in Paradise!!

Natural In Paradise Natural Nigerian Calabar

Natural In Paradise Natural Nigerian Calabar

Hello people! AB here!!

I know, I’ve been unusually silent since I first posted about the meet up. We had some planning to do, and changes to make.

If you’re going to be in Calabar on Saturday, 18th October, please come join Natural Nigerian & I at Natural in Paradise!

It’s the first natural hair meet up in the city and everyone is invited- natural, relaxed, transitioning, just plain curious!


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Hairspiration! : Dika

dika 3


Heyy, tell us about you! 
My name is Dika Aligbe and I’m an 18-year old college student. I live in New Jersey for the most part but Lagos, Nigeria is my home :)

What inspired you to return to natural?
I like really full hair so I didn’t want my hair to get flat after a perm. So i decided to go natural when i started growing my hair out after secondary school.

Tell us about your mane. Does…

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200,000Blog views!!! (4)

200,000Blog views!!! (4)

Hello lovers!

It’s 3AM in the morning and you’re probably asleep.

But I’m super excited and this can’t wait. Two hours ago, we hit the 200,000 mark for blog views!!!

The Kink and I has been read 200,000 times!! And to us, this is a really big deal! :)

A very big THANK YOU to everyone that has read this blog, left a comment, shared a link, emailed, connected with us in any way! Thank you to every…

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First Impressions: AfroRiri Haircare

First Impressions: AfroRiri Haircare


Hey y’all!

AfroRiri Haircare is a new haircare brand “on a mission to develop the highest quality in hair care from nature.” Last week, I received three products from their line, for review purposes; the Honey Moisturizing Shampoo, the Luxe Detangling Conditioner and the Luxe Hair Butter.


AfroRiri products are made in Nigeria by House of Radiance, right here in Calabar! Knowing this makes me…

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Lazy Sunday


Hey guys!

How are things?

AB here! It’s a very lazy Sunday for me in Calabar.

Earlier today, I co-washed and finger detangled Big Betty. She’s crazy soft, and her curls are poppin’.


I didn’t wash in twists which wasn’t a good idea now that I think about it, because I couldn’t give my scalp a good rub. I’ll fix this next week. After washing though, I finger detangled some more with my trusty Cant…

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Big Betty!


Hey guys!

Meet Big Betty, my new protective style for the next few weeks. :)

She’s big, she’s soft, and she blends quite nicely with my hair texture! If I move, she go move *now playing- Teknomiles: Dance*


A wig or a weave?
A weave! (Sewn, not bonded)

What hair is this?
Steam processed virgin human hair extensions from Nazuri Curls. They offer 3 different curl types and a Kinky Straight weave as…

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Product Review: Organics Hair Mayonnaise

Product Review: Organics Hair Mayonnaise



Hey guys!

Today I’m reviewing a product you’ve most likely seen before (if you live in Nigeria, that is). Organics Hair Mayonnaise isn’t hard to find. I got a tub in January at Enumex Cosmetics here in Calabar, for 800 naira.


Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium-32, Lanolin Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Olea…

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Where to Find: Sheamapo!

Where to Find: Sheamapo!

Hey guys!

Do you know we have a Where to Find Directory on the blog? When was the last time you visited? Our directory, thanks to the collective effort of you beautiful people is a very helpful steady growing resource for anybody looking to buy natural hair friendly products, or to visit natural hair friendly salons in Nigeria.

Our latest addition to The Directory is Sheamapo!

Sheamapo is a small…

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Le Revitalize Rendezvous 3!

Le Revitalize Rendezvous 3!

event (1)

event (1)

How time flies!

It hasn’t been a year since I was at the first Lumo Naturals Salon meet & greet, Le Revitalize Rendezvous, and the third edition of the event is here again. It’s close. Close close. Yep, like 2 weeks from now close. :)

Here’s what Lumo Naturals manager, Farida has to say:

We, at Lumo Naturals appreciate all the support you have shown us these past months since our reopening. So,…

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